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Big Horse Productions: Past into Future


A Look into our Equestrian Talent

Meet our superstar horses!

Our horses mean everything to us!  We are only as good as they are.  Therefore, we are with them everyday, working on things they already know and helping them to learn more.  They are also our teachers and we have gained so much from each and every one of our equine family members.  

We use all Belgian draft horses.  They are each 18 hands or taller and weigh over 2,000lbs.  Some people ask us why we only stick to Belgians.  We definitely like the draft breeds for the things we do.  Sometimes we have up to three people up on the horse at once and the things we do require a lot of space.  Out of all of the draft breeds, we have fallen in love with Belgians because they are smart, tend to pick things up faster, and they are FULL of personality.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may  have about our training or our horses.  In the meantime, you can learn a little about each of our stars by looking below.

*Photo: Janice Reiter*